The Lo Down: How Issa Rae Inspired Me

Yesterday, I attended a meeting with a moderately successful entrepreneur. She asked me questions like, “If you aren’t getting views you have to ask yourself, does anyone want to see your content?” and “How many Instagram followers do you have?” It threw me for a bit of a loop and I left that meeting feeling confused, upset and asking myself, “Does anyone care about the stories I want to tell?” questioning my brand and if it would be successful.

Fast forward to today, I made it a point to go see Issa Rae the mastermind behind HBO’s “Insecure” and the sensational web series “Awkward Black Girl.” She spoke at Macy’s in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall. As soon as she started speaking I got overwhelmed with emotion because for me she represents all the things I’d like to accomplish. She took an unconventional path by not asking for permission to make content she believes in and being unapologetically black.

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