Drew League Week 6: Frank Nitty Scores a Triple-Double, Classic Bobby Brown vs. Jonathan Gibson Shootout, and more…

Seven weeks remain in the regular season. Inching closer to the playoffs (start Aug. 4), there’s no room for any excuses amidst the next few critical weeks, as teams begin to finalize their roster and buckle down to win the rest of their games to ensure a playoff clinch. Here is a recap of the top three matchups from week 6:

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Whether the LA Loop team had been skipping out on eating their Wheaties or were just experiencing a slump, the team seemed to have found their rhythm in a critical week 6 matchup against the Clozers. Now they must claw their way up from the bottom ranking of the Christopher Baxter Division, and win out the next several games of the season to remain relevant in the playoffs conversation. As for the Clozers, a miracle and prayer sent their way may be the only solution as they find themselves dead last in their division.

On Friday, LA Loop was down 20 points to MHP, but came back and lost by only 2 points. It seems that at certain times the only team that can beat the LA Loop is themselves. The lack of energy and force heading into each game is the reason as to why they’ve lost a few games by a differential of 1-2 points. “That’s our biggest problem…starting the game with energy,” says former MVP Patrick Rembert. However, the team closed out with a “W” on Saturday against the Clozers, exerting all the energy possible into that game.

Clozers established an early lead heading into 2nd quarter 17-13, but Rembert and former NFL player and Superbowl Champion, Martellus Bennett turned the heat up second quarter. Player Of The Game, Rembert ended the night with 34 points, 3 steals, and 3 assists, and the former tight end, Bennett, earned himself a double-double, 12 points, and 12 rebounds. “Today we started better I would say,” said Rembert, “but still we can improve. We’re used to each other now, the chemistry is actually there and I think we’ll have better results”. The next several weeks will be a true test for both teams as to if they can beat the odds and seize their way out from the bottom of their division.


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When Frank (Nitty) Session, AKA Megadeath says he’ll probably only have a 10-15 point game, expect him to not hold true to his word. It’s almost a certainty that he’ll exceed those expectations, like he did Saturday against Optimus, as he danced on the basketball court with his mad ball handling skills, scored 24 buckets, ending the night with a triple-double. “I didn’t know I was gonna have a triple-double,” said Nitty, “I had 6 assists in the 1st quarter, so at that point, I kinda turned it on, and I was like you know what, let’s turn this game about getting my teammates involved”.   

Birdie’s Revenge remains undefeated as they move forward with a clean 7-0 slate after destroying Optimus 71-57. Optimus’ game plan was to play Nitty the right way by holding him to a certain amount of points, however, “Megadeath” could not be contained. “You have to play [Nitty]  the right way. Keion (Kindred’s) team is a prime example, they held him to 16 points” said Optimus’ Brandon Jamar, “We were gonna stick to the same strategy and implement it, but that’s not what happened. We completely deviated from everything we talked about”. Nitty went off to have 6 assists in the 1st quarter alone, reminding them early who they’ll be having to deal with for the remaining 24 minutes.

“We play defense, and we play hard,” said Nitty, after their defense went full force, forcing Optimus to 13 turnovers, 6 in just the first half. Their defense held them down to only 57 points as Optimus’s offense squirmed under Birdie’s defensive pressures, no mercy.

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Optimus failed at matching Birdie’s energy when it came to having fun on the basketball court, which is a contributing factor as to why Birdie’s team remains so successful.“The game of basketball is to be played to have fun, so I mean you having fun with a bunch of your friends at the end of the day you gonna come out with a bunch of positivity” says Nitty. Optimus needs to come back to square one and remind themselves of the basic yet necessary fundamentals of basketball, “we got a little bit selfish as a team” admitted Brandon Jamar, “We gotta be focused, we gotta be for each other, that’s the only way we’re gonna win. Period.”


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The LAUNFD versus Redemption matchup was a 32-minute nail-biter that had fans sitting at the edge of their seats, rocking back and forth. LAUNFD was missing their critical playmaker, Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell, who earned them 37 points and 9 rebounds last week. 

However, former Rockets player, Bobby Brown suited up for his first Drew League debut this season for LAUNFD versus Redemption and put on an electrifying show going head to head against Celtics’ player Jonathan Gibson.

Brown and Gibson were having a classical shootout amongst themselves, serving as pure entertainment for the fans. LAUNFD held a one-point lead headed into the fourth quarter. At that point, it could have been anyone’s game. With less than a minute left, Corey Allen draws a foul with an and-1 driving layup, which put them at a 2 point lead. With seconds left on the clock, Brown missed the second free throw, putting Redemption up for an opportunity to tie the game. Unfortunately, Redemption failed to close out with a Win.

Bobby Brown, rightfully earning Player of The Game honors, scored 39 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Jonathan Gibson scored 23 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists



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