L.A. Dodgers Foundation Partners with Bank of America to Teach Better Money Habits

“Money is an asset,” said former Dodgers pitcher, Dennis Powell addressing a standing-room only audience of families at Helen Keller Park in Gardena, CA. “Sometimes we don’t realize that money is the key to our future.”

The concept may sound simplistic but in many communities, however, individuals do not understand basic financial terms and banking procedures. Participants in the Reviving Baseball in the Inner City (RBI) program recently gathered with their parents for the Better Money Habits seminar hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation in conjunction with Bank of America. The financial literacy session is just one of the many opportunities designed for kids ages 5-18-years-old to learn baseball or softball as well as life skills.

“The Dodgers Foundation is using sport to provide families with the tools we think they need to better themselves and better their children,” remarked Nichol Whiteman, executive director of the L.A. Dodgers Foundation.

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The Lo Down: I Met Jackie Robinson’s Family

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]I[/su_dropcap] attended the unveiling of the Jackie Robinson statue at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. The entire city of Pasadena was in attendance including nearly 100 members of Jackie Robinson’s family. While covering local stories is always a thrill, it was a subtle gesture that took place after the festivities that changed my life.

There was a private reception held for the donors and special guests of the unveiling. I was told that opportunities to interview key speakers would be available at the reception. I made my way down to the tunnel, I saw a security guard with “the list,” also known as the few names of the elite meant to keep the fray out. Since I had correspondence with the public relations contacts ahead of the event, I just knew my name was going to be on there. I said my name, the security guard skimmed over the list, even checked the back and said ‘Sorry you aren’t on here.’ Just as I was being turned away, I saw the public relations woman escorting Jackie Robinson’s wife, Rachel and daughter Sharon Robinson. They were getting off the golf cart when I told the woman that I was a reporter. She waved me off and said, ‘You have to wait for my boss, the director of public relations if your name isn’t on the list.’ She proceeded to guide Mrs. and Ms. Robinson into the tunnel. I was embarrassed and kind of deflated. Then I overheard Jackie Robinson’s daughter say, ‘Let her in…I don’t care she can come with us.’

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