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 Lauren A. Jones is the host of The Lo Down podcast,the home for the untold stories of sports. She books the guests, edits the social media videos, finalizes show rundowns, requests graphics and executive produces The Lo Down podcast. It was created to provide a platform for athletes and sports professionals to share their stories while sharing hers. She is also CEO and founder of LoJo Media. She has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California. Since graduating, she has worked for sports media powerhouses including ESPN, Fox Sports, Snapchat.


Charlene Harper is a Production Coordinator and former News Producer from Dallas, Texas. She has M.A. in Educational Counseling from Lamar University and a B.A. in Media Production and Journalism from the University of Houston. Upon graduating college, Charlene worked with NBC News where she served as Morning News Producer in Tyler, TX. Within a matter of eight months, she joined the 5th market in the country, at the time, in Dallas, TX as an Associate Producer at the NBC affiliate there.In 2017, Charlene relocated to Los Angeles to continue fulfilling her passion for production.She currently works for a nationally syndicated daytime talk show as an Assistant Post Production Coordinator.



Khafre Barclift is an Atlanta native who enjoys media content creation. Anywhere from photography, videography, post-production and graphic design, he tries his hand at it all. He earned a B.A. in film production from George Mason University in 2017 and is on the way to earning his MBA. He loves the sport of basketball and seeing his favorite artists in concert.




Alan Coates is experienced videographer and photographer who shoots all of the behind the scenes on The Lo Down Podcast. Alan is born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.





Tiana Hunter is the production assistant on The Lo Down Podcast. She coordinates the social media engagement on all of The Lo Down’s social profiles. Born in Detroit, MI, she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Hunter is currently pursuing a career in sports journalism and is enrolled in college studying journalism.  She has worked for the Drew League, LoJo Media and the NBA and looks forward to a prosperous career as a sports reporter.