Tracey Mills Channels Fashion and Basketball into ‘Reprogramming the Earth’

Walking through the double doors of King Drew Medical Magnet High School basketball courts, wearing his shirt unbuttoned, tattoo filled chest exposed, and vintage pieces to accommodate his vogue aura, Birdie’s Revenge coach and fashion designer Tracey Mills has been on a life-long mission to “reprogram the earth.”

He successfully defies every coaching wardrobe stereotype. Born in Los Angeles, Mills’ parents separated when he was one. His mother who was a Chicago native, packed their bags and moved them to her hometown. At the age of ten, Mills moved back to Los Angeles.

“It was tough,” said Mills. Continue reading “Tracey Mills Channels Fashion and Basketball into ‘Reprogramming the Earth’”

UFC’s Dana White Visits the Drew League

One month before WME-IMG’s $4 billion acquisition of the UFC, Dana White stopped by the Drew League while filming for his show “Dana White Looking for a Fight.” White told senior reporter, Lauren A. Jones, during the Drew League’s opening weekend that he came to see and support Drew League legend and rapper The Game. The deal with WME-IMG means a reported $360 million payout for the UFC president.